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At TPM Services, our hospitality staff is trained in all aspects of the food industry. Currently, we host classes weekly for banquet serving and kitchen safety. Our team of experts is sure to find the staff with the level of experience you are seeking.

We have both a seasoned banquet captain/server and chef on staff to perform our weekly banquet serving and safety classes. Coming soon, we will host cooking technique classes.

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Payroll Services

What we do for you:

  • Prepare and distribute weekly paycheck for employees
  • Process all applicable taxes and other withholdings
  • Maintain payroll and tax data
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Temp to Hire

W-2 Employees are further interviewed and prepped for a specific assignment start date.
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Direct Hire

We Source, Screen, and Secure three well-qualified candidates for our clients to interview for each job order.
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  • The management was great, along with the co-workers. The most enjoyable part of the job was the diversity in which I was able to learn a great deal from.

    Former Employee
    Former EmployeeCook
  • Working for a Temp service helped me to gain lots of experience in situations and in different careers. I have learned that I can be put in any situation and be successful.

    Team Leader
    Team LeaderCurrent Employee
  • The staffing agency a lot of flexibility with the jobs they have and are very good at finding jobs for their clients.

    CSRFormer Employee
  • Good work environment with plenty to learn. Cross training is essential to growth.

    Manufacturing Technician
    Manufacturing TechnicianFormer Employee
If you are looking for contract work please contact your local office or fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

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